Cybersecurity Assessments for Law Firms:How Not to Screw Them Up

March 8, 2024

Should You Have a Cybersecurity Assessment Every Year?

Absolutely. A fair number of firms perform cybersecurity assessments twice a year. For most firms, we’ll settle for once a year. It is also true that most cyberinsurance companies will also settle for once-a-year assessments. The biggest firms may do it twice a year (or more), but most of you reading this are probably doing just fine with yearly assessments.

We have lived through 2023 – in which we saw more law firm breaches than ever before. And we saw (horrifyingly) a stream of class action lawsuits filed against breached law firms.  So yes, we need to pay attention to cybersecurity assessments – not put them off or skip a year for budgetary reasons. While we often hear that budgets don’t allow for a cybersecurity assessment, if you get breached, your budget is going all to hell. Better to spend the money and avoid the breach.

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