Cybersecurity Statistics in 2024 – Is Your Law Firm Protected?

April 3, 2024

2024 State of the Phish

Maybe it’s a quirky name, but we sure enjoy perusing this report from Proofpoint every year. The foundation of the report is a survey of 7,500 end users and 1,050 security professionals. This year’s report indicates that 71% of users confessed they had taken a risky action, reusing or sharing a password, clicking on links from senders they didn’t know or giving log-in credentials to someone they didn’t know. 96% of them knew they were taking a risk. If this doesn’t convince you that your employees need cybersecurity awareness training at least annually, we don’t know what will!

Over 1 million attacks are launched with MFA (multifactor authentication) bypass framework Evil Proxy every month, but 89% of security professionals believe MFA offers total protection against account takeovers. Our own view is that, while MFA is not a complete solution, it is far better than NOT having MFA – and the more secure your MFA is, the better.

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