Dark Web Monitoring for Law Firms: Is It Worthwhile?

January 9, 2023

Most lawyers have no idea that the Internet is made up of several different areas, some of which are extremely difficult to access. When they use a browser to search for information or purchase products, they generally are accessing what is called the surface web. It is the information that is freely available with little or no restriction and accessible via search engines such as Google.

However, most internet information resides in what we call the deep web. Essentially, anything accessed using a password is considered the deep web. Examples would be email, bank accounts, medical records, etc. Think of the deep web as the portion of an iceberg that is below the surface and is not indexed by the search engines. Some reports put the amount of deep web data at 97% or more of the total internet.

Before we jump into the subject of dark web monitoring, let’s discuss the dark web to set the stage.

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