Ethical and Budget Friendly Cybersecurity for Solo Lawyers

February 10, 2022

Current Climate

We are a very mobile society and our technology usage seems to increase with every passing day. Lawyers are no different. It is not uncommon to use the cloud for the practice of law using services such as practice management, document management, file storage, and multiple ways to communicate with clients. Solo attorneys in particular have embraced cloud services. The cloud has provided a secure, stable, cost-effective way to practice law.

While cloud vendors are better equipped to secure data than the typical lawyer, you still need to take reasonable steps to protect the technology you use to connect to the cloud provider. These days, it is particularly important to be very vigilant as the cybercriminals have increased attacks on home networks and those in the work-for-home environment. Even though home networks have been shown to be 3-1/2 times more vulnerable than law firm networks, there are very affordable actions the solo attorney can implement to improve their cybersecurity posture.

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