Lawyers Addicted to Technology: Cutting the Cord

July 29, 2021

Not exactly a new subject, is it? And yet the pandemic has brought a new focus to technology addiction as way too many lawyers worked longer hours at home than they ever did at the office, their overtired, burning eyes fixed on their monitors.

As the pandemic receded and lawyers ventured out, we heard a regular theme about technology – “I can’t let go.” Finally, a chance to take a vacation emerged in the summer of 2021 and we proved to be pretty terrible at relaxing sans technology.

Technology Itself Gives You Tools to Cut the Cord

Your phone is your worst nemesis because you can’t stop “checking in”, right?

Put on “Do Not Disturb” (DND) and let your cares fly away. Of course, to do that, you need to let any critical folks at work know – and for the sake of those trying to reach you by email, make sure your “away” message is on. You also have the option to program DND exceptions to allow a specific caller which may be critical if you have elderly parents, grown children who may need you, etc.

Instructions to do that here:

We’ll state the obvious: Don’t look at the phone when “Do Not Disturb” is on – those emails and notifications will show up if you do and your blood pressure will skyrocket!

Put your phone in a hotel safe and go to the pool or dinner. You can’t check what you don’t have. No safe? Another way to enforce your relaxation is to give your phone to your spouse or other traveling companions with orders about when to return it. Don’t get mad when they obey your orders – play fair!

As for laptops, do what needs doing once or twice a day. Maybe before breakfast and dinner? That’s our routine. And power them down in between. Your devices sing silent siren songs to you if you can bring them to life in a flash.

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