IT Managed Service Providers – Nearly an Imperative

December 20, 2017

Excerpt: For more than 20 years, the authors have been providing IT services to law firms. Ah the good
old days, when life was simpler. Here’s how IT once worked. We would get hired, generally to
install and configure computers, servers, etc. Once our initial work was done, do you know
what we would do? We would wait for the phone to ring. Perhaps something wasn’t working or
perhaps the client needed training. Now and again, they would get upgraded hardware or
software. Most clients would have us do updates on a regular basis – in those more primitive
times, perhaps monthly. Most IT work was called “break/fix” – if something didn’t work, we
fixed it. And there were of course occasional projects . . .

Fast forward to today, when almost all businesses, including law firms and other legal entities,
are turning to managed service providers.

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