The Danger of Unstructured Data in Law Firms

July 28, 2022

Unstructured Data – A Problem That’s Been Around for a Long Time

Recently, authors Simek and Nelson had the opportunity to talk to guest Peter Baumann on their Legal Talk Network Digital Detectives podcast. Baumann is the CEO and founder of ActiveNav, a leading data privacy and governance software provider.

As far back as 2008, Baumann was observing the exponential growth of data and specifically unstructured data, the data that sits outside of databases. He noted that today, “the best technology, the best doors and locks and alarm systems won’t stop the bad actors getting into your network.  I think people understand that now.” Data protection, data privacy, policies and regulations are crucial to employ so that, if your network is compromised, you are prepared by having the data correctly labeled, categorized, and locked down to reduce your threat attack surface.

The truth is you can’t protect the data you don’t know you have.

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