The Future of Law Post-Pandemic: A Roller Coaster Evolution

November 9, 2020

The Future: By the Numbers

In October 2020, Clio’s Legal Trends Report was officially released in conjunction with the Clio Cloud Conference 2020.

As Jack said in an interview with author Nelson, after the pandemic hit, we moved ten years into the future in 10 weeks.

What alternative did we have? None.

How are lawyers planning to change their ways? Take a look at these stats:

  • 96% say they’ll store firm data in the cloud.
  • 95% say they’ll support electronic documents and signatures.
  • 96% say they’ll accept electronic payments.
  • 96% say they’ll use practice management software.
  • 83% say they’ll meet clients through videoconferencing.

To show you how much change there has been, in planning and implementation, here’s how lawyers are operating during the pandemic:

  • 85% of law firms are using software to manage their practice.
  • 79% of lawyers rely on cloud technology to store their firm’s data.
  • 62% of firms allow clients to securely share and sign documents electronically.
  • 73% of firms allow clients to pay invoices electronically.
  • 83% of firms are meeting with clients virtually.

As you can see, they are doing better with technology now and plan to do MUCH better in the future.

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