The New Frontiers of Cybersecurity During Natural Disasters (Including Pandemics!)

April 11, 2022

The Times – They are A-Changing

Wise words from Bob Dylan. Natural disasters are steadily increasing. In 2020 we ran out of hurricane names and had to resort to the backup names from the Greek alphabet. We came close to using up all the names in 2021 too, but barely squeaked by with one remaining. December 2021 saw a wind disaster come through the central United States and devastate hundreds of miles of structures. According to meteorologists, at least 19 tornadoes in five states were unleased. We have experienced major flooding from hurricanes over the last couple of decades, severely impacting attorneys in their ability to practice law.

Whether there is a natural disaster involving tornadoes, ice storms, hurricanes, blizzards, etc., the primary concern is to protect the confidential information entrusted to attorneys by clients. Physical access to law offices and client data is hindered during a disaster.

How will you prevent someone from potentially gaining unauthorized access to client data during the disaster? Your security system may be disabled due to lack of electricity. You won’t be able to control physical access if your office space is damaged. You may not be able to get to the client data (paper files, computers, servers, etc.) if your office is flooded – remember Katrina?

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