What the Heck is a SIEM and Why Do Laws Firm Need Them?

April 8, 2024

Explaining a SIEM Simply

It isn’t easy. First, SIEM is pronounced “Sim.” A lot of lawyers (and others) get it wrong. What does the acronym stand for? It stands for “security information and event management.” In the simplest terms, it is a security solution that detects threat activities before your law firm is significantly impacted. SIEMs can detect, analyze and, most importantly, respond to security issues.

SIEMs harvest log data from many sources, performing the sorcerer’s trick of identifying activity which is not normal with real-time analysis and, best of all, it can take action without human involvement – the need for human involvement slows everything down. Like so much technology, SIEMS have morphed over the last few years and now they detect threats and respond to them faster and with more assurance that they are taking the correct action with the aid of artificial intelligence.

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