Why Are Lawyers So Terrible at Cybersecurity?

September 6, 2023

Let Us Count the Ways in Which Lawyers Are Terrible at Cybersecurity – and Then Talk About the New ABA Resolution on Cybersecurity

It is absolutely true that we tear our hair out (figuratively) when we attempt to give law firms good cybersecurity solutions at a modest price and they decline. Mind you, they know that we have seen a significant rise in law firm data breaches in 2023. The headlines are everywhere. The gnashing of teeth by law firm managing partners is legendary and evident in all the headlines.

“Too expensive” is the first reaction. We constantly wonder if they understand how expensive a data breach is. “We’re not a target” is the second reaction. That comes mostly from the smaller firms – who have not apparently observed that small/midsize firms are being attacked with vigor.

“It’s too disruptive to our operations” is often heard. Had they ever observed the disruption of a data breach, they might understand that true disruption to law firm operations is possible.

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