Zero Trust Architecture: An Imperative for Law Firms

February 21, 2022

The Good Old Days of Cybersecurity

Life really was simpler once, in the early days of cybersecurity. We had a clear network perimeter defined and knew we needed to protect all law firm data, users and devices inside the perimeter. Now we have employees working from home regularly, data in the cloud and vendors who have integrations with our networks and technology even including HVAC systems.

Law firms became accustomed to the network perimeter approach. They budgeted for tools to protect the perimeter and it became the norm for a very long time. Those days are now officially gone. To add to the misery of law firms, the cybercriminals are increasingly sophisticated – and successful in their attacks – causing a world of hurt in the form of data breaches which often become public, resulting in the loss of client confidence in the firm’s ability to protect client data.

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