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Digital Forensics: How can digital forensics benefit criminal cases?

March 30, 2023

There’s no shortage of electronic information in the world. That also means that there is no shortage of electronic information that can be relevant to a court case.

Digital forensics is the process of preserving, identifying, analyzing, documenting, and presenting electronically stored information (ESI). ESI can be on all types of electronic devices from cell phones to computers, and even sources such as social media accounts or cloud services.

From cell phones to computers, electronic evidence such as messages, emails, location data, call history and browser search history are frequently requested or examined sources of information. In criminal cases, knowing what data can be found on a defendant’s devices can be extraordinarily helpful in preparing for court proceedings. Knowing what’s on their devices through a digital forensic analysis can be even more helpful.

Consulting with a digital forensic expert can help to determine what information may be available on a device and what could be brought up in trial. A digital forensic expert can also help to present any electronic evidence discovered to help refute charges or to validate another expert’s findings from their analysis.

The findings of digital forensic analysis can be presented in several ways. Often for court this happens via an expert report or through expert testimony. There are also summaries, affidavits, and depositions that can be given as related to the evidence examined.

Sensei’s digital forensic experts often consult with criminal defense attorneys both in private practice and the public defender’s office. Sensei’s experts can assist with examining electronic evidence in all types of criminal matters and provide testimony in court of their findings when needed.

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