Legal Talk Network Posts New Digital Detectives Podcast – Ten Tips for Better ESI Expert Reports from Craig Ball

August 20, 2021

Ten Tips for Better ESI Expert Reports from Craig Ball

Craig Ball shares insights on the dos and don’ts of effective ESI expert reports.

ESI expert reports can be critical to presenting a case, but lawyers all know these reports are sometimes so complicated or jargon-filled that all the non-experts struggle to comprehend them. That’s not how it should be! Digital Detectives Sharon Nelson and John Simek welcome Craig Ball to discuss his tips for creating useful, accessible expert reports that effectively communicate their findings to the court. 

Read Craig’s full blog post on this topic at craigball.net.

Craig Ball practices as a Special Master in electronic evidence and discovery, is a longtime adjunct professor at Texas School of Law and Tulane Law School, and writes and speaks around the world on e-discovery and computer forensics.

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