Legal Talk Network Posts New Digital Detectives Podcast – Planning Your Cybersecurity Budget for 2022

September 28, 2021

Planning Your Cybersecurity Budget for 2022

Sherri Davidoff discusses current cyber threats and offers insights on how to plan and budget for effective security technology and training.

Prevention is key when it comes to cybersecurity, and lawyers simply can’t afford to skimp on security technologies. Sharon and John talk with expert Sherri Davidoff about growing cyber threats and the changing nature of attack tactics. They discuss the impacts of these new developments on lawyers and law firms and chat about how to prioritize security measures, reduce your risks, and create a budget plan that addresses all your cybersecurity needs. 

Sherri Davidoff is a cybersecurity expert, author, speaker and CEO of both LMG Security and BrightWise, Inc.

Special thanks to the sponsors CaseFleet and PInow.

Listen to the podcast here.