Legal Talk Network Posts New Digital Detectives Podcast – The SANS Institute and Cybersecurity Careers

October 21, 2021

The SANS Institute and Cybersecurity Careers

Rob Lee offers insights on trends in the cybersecurity world and how to pursue a career in this exciting field.

More than half a million jobs in cybersecurity go unfilled each year, showing a major need for more individuals to enter this ever-growing field. Think you might be up to the challenge? John and Sharon talk with Rob Lee about training available through the SANS Institute and the current hottest areas in the profession. Rob also offers recommendations, both for young people hoping to orient their college education toward cybersecurity and professionals looking to make a career shift into the field.

Rob Lee is the chief curriculum director and faculty lead at the SANS Institute.

Special thanks to the sponsors CaseFleet and PInow.

Listen to the podcast here.