Legal Talk Network Posts New Digital Edge Podcast – ‘Tis the Season: Tech Toys for the Holidays 2020

November 30, 2020

‘Tis the Season: Tech Toys for the Holidays 2020

Tech Toys are back! Digital Edge podcast hosts, Jim Calloway and Sharon Nelson share their favorite wishlist picks for the 2020 holiday season.

It’s time for Jim and Sharon’s favorite podcast of the year – Tech Toys for the Holidays! In keeping with tradition, The Digital Edge hosts offer up their favorite practical and not-so practical tech toys, this year with plenty of remote work and COVID-related gift ideas in the mix. Pick up some wishlist inspiration for yourself and your favorite lawyer-nerds – a handy UVC sterilizer, the latest LegalBoard Wireless, ideas for your home workspace, a portable bug zapper (wait, what?), and so much more! Happy Holidays!

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