Legal Talk Network Posts New Digital Edge Podcast – The Rise of Re-Regulation in the Legal Industry

August 26, 2021

The Rise of Re-Regulation in the Legal Industry

Jordan Furlong explains current legal re-regulation trends and offers guidance for legal professionals as they navigate this new wave of industry changes.

New developments surrounding re-regulation in the legal industry have left some lawyers uncertain about what these changes mean for the future of the profession. Digital Edge hosts Jim Calloway and Sharon Nelson bring on legal analyst Jordan Furlong to hash out trends in legal re-regulation, dispel myths, and explain the underlying intent behind it all. They discuss the re-regulation’s goals of protecting public interest and providing meaningful, affordable access to justice and offer wisdom for lawyers on how to best navigate future changes in legal regulatory structures. 

Jordan Furlong is principal at Law21 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He is an internationally renowned legal sector analyst, author, speaker, and consultant deeply invested in a better future for the legal profession and the society it serves.

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