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Jan 05, 2023

LastPass Finally Admits That Password Vaults Were Stolen

Catching up from the holidays, Naked Security reported on December 23 that LastPass finally acknowledged that password vaults were stolen

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Jan 04, 2023

Facial Recognition Results in Lawyer/Girl Scout Mom Being Banned by Madison Square Garden

Bressler Risk Blog reported on December 23 that lawyer and Girl Scout mom Kelly Conlon was not allowed entrance to

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Dec 21, 2022

Is Your “Acceptable Use Policy” Acceptable to Employees?

CSO Online published a very good post on December 14. I loved the first line: “If users resent, fear or

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Dec 20, 2022

KrebsonSecurity Reports That FBI’s InfraGard Was Hacked

KrebsonSecurity reported on December 13 that the FBI’s InfraGard, a program run by the FBI to build cyber and physical

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Dec 15, 2022

Apple to Allow iCloud Backups to Be Fully Encrypted

I thought the day would never come. But it has. The Washington Post reported (gift article) on December 7 that,

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Dec 14, 2022

Ransomware and Fraudulent Funds Transfer: Over Half of Cyber Insurance Claims in 2022

InfoSecurity Magazine reported on December 7 that fraudulent funds transfer (FFT) and ransomware were the biggest drivers of financial loss

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Dec 13, 2022

When Cybercriminals Attack Our Courts: What Happens Then?

GovTech Today posted on December 7, reporting on the cyberattacks that have hit state courts in Alaska, Georgia and Texas

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Dec 08, 2022

San Francisco Approves Plan for Lethal Police Robots

Update to today’s post: DarkReading reported on December 7 that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, which voted on November

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Dec 07, 2022

Employees End Run Employer Monitoring – Yes, at Law Firms Too

MSN published a column on November 24 that caught my attention. It is no surprise that employees hate being monitored

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Dec 06, 2022

LastPass Admits Customer Data Breach Caused by Previous Breach

Naked Security reported on December 2 that LastPass admitted to a data breach caused by a previous breach. Yes, you

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Dec 01, 2022

Google Provided Location Data for More Than 5,000 Devices in Attack on the Capitol

WIRED reported on November 28 that Google initially identified 5,723 devices as being in or near the US Capitol during

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Nov 30, 2022

Intel’s FakeCatcher Detects a Deepfake With 96% Accuracy Rate

In a major development, ZDNet reported on November 17 that Intel’s new deepfake detector can spot a real or fake

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