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Apr 27, 2023

Yay! OpenAI Now Lets You Turn Off Chat History for ChatGPT

PC Magazine reported on April 25 that OpenAI has added a new privacy control to ChatGPT that can address concerns

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Apr 26, 2023

ABA Faces Class Action Lawsuit After Data Breach

Law.com reported on April 24 that the American Bar Association (ABA) notified its member of a March 6th data breach

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Apr 25, 2023

ABA Reports That 1.5 Million Member Accounts Were Hacked

Bloomberg Law reported on August 21 that a hacker stole 1.5 million American Bar Association account usernames and passwords in

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Apr 20, 2023

AI Can Crack Most Passwords in Less Than One Minute

As though you needed something else to worry about, right? As I say all the time, AI offers us much

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Apr 19, 2023

Insurer Warns Lawyers About Perils of ChatGPT

eDiscovery Today published a post on April 14 about an insurance company which sent law firms a warning about using

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Apr 18, 2023

Law Firm Cadwalader Faces Class Action After Data Breach

Bloomberg Law reported on April 12 that the New York law firm Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft has been hit by

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Apr 13, 2023

Lawyers Using ChatGPT Have Agreed to Indemnify OpenAI in the Event of a Lawsuit Alleging Harm

Forbes published a post on April 10 which ought to give lawyers using ChatGPT a reality check. When you signed

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Apr 12, 2023

Samsung Employees Reportedly Leaked Sensitive Data to ChatGPT

Engadget reported on April 7 that soon after Samsung’s semiconductor division started allowing engineers to use ChatGPT, workers leaked secret

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Apr 11, 2023

Proskauer Law Firm Exposed Clients’ Confidential M&A Data

Bloomberg Law reported on April 7 that a data breach at Proskauer Rose exposed client data, including sensitive legal and

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Apr 06, 2023

Breach of Law Firm Genova Burns Impacts Uber Drivers

The Register reported on April 3 that Uber has had more of its internal data stolen from a third party

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Apr 05, 2023

Clearview AI Scraped 30 Billion Images from Social Media and Gave Them to Law Enforcement

Insider reported on April 2 that a controversial facial recognition database, used by police departments across the nation, was built

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Apr 04, 2023

Tech Firms are Laying Off Their AI Ethicists (Sigh)

The Washington Post reported (gift article) on March 30 that, last year, Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch had a problem. For

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