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John Simek Quoted in Law.Com Article

December 21, 2021

A LAW.COM article titled “Some Lawyers Still Underestimate the Increasing Sophistication of Cyberattacks” by Victoria Hudgins , quotes John Simek of Sensei Enterprises.


From Macs being impenetrable to denying the need for password managers and phishing training, some lawyers still have their head stuck in the sand regarding cybersecurity.

Most law firms have at least one additional layer of workstation security software protecting their computer systems. However, tech consultants noted some lawyers are still hanging onto outdated beliefs regarding software that could put their firm’s cybersecurity at risk.

However, what isn’t second-guessed by lawyers is the need for some level of cybersecurity. According to the International Legal Technology Association’s (ILTA) recent technology survey, 17% of the law firms surveyed noted Microsoft as their firm’s primary workstation security software. Antivirus software provider CrowdStrike was the second-highest workstation security software (15%) selected by respondents, followed by Sophos (11%), Carbon Black (10%) and others.

But while ILTA’s survey didn’t note what type of Microsoft workstation security software respondents used, industry observers said Microsoft’s preinstalled Windows Security program shouldn’t be the only layer of defense protecting a law firm’s computers.

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