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Sensei Article Featured in Attorney at Work

October 18, 2022

“Our Law Firm is Too Small to Be in Danger From Cyberattacks-Wrong!” by Sharon Nelson, John Simek, and Michael Maschke was recently featured in Attorney at Work.


Think Again About the Cybersecurity Risks of Small Law Firms.

It is astonishing how often small law firms tell us that they are too small to be at serious risk for cyberattacks. Anecdotally, we can tell them of many successful attacks on small law firms, though our knowledge is derived from successful attacks where we’ve been called in to investigate or remediate the damage, so we cannot identify the law firms.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of publicly known small firm breaches. In fact, we have a file cabinet drawer full of articles and reports of law firm data breaches (small and large) going back 20 years. We built this collection because we continually have to persuade law firms, especially the small ones, that they are at risk.

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