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Sensei Article Featured in SLAW Magazine

August 8, 2023

“Lawyers Become Poster Children for Failure to Verify ChatGPT Information” by Sensei’s Sharon D. Nelson, Esq., John W. Simek, and Michael Maschke was recently featured in Slaw Magazine.  Slaw is a Canadian online legal magazine.


When Everyone in the Legal World Knows Your Name

We are sure that New York lawyers Steven Schwartz and Peter LoDuca are not especially happy to have become famous by way of failing to vet the accuracy of ChatGPT which made up cases and citations that become a part of the brief they submitted to New York Federal Judge P. Kevin Castel.

The lawyers’ client, Roberto Mata, sued the airline Avianca, claiming he was injured when a metal serving cart struck his knee on a flight to Kennedy International Airport in 2019.

When Avianca requested that Judge Castel toss out the case, Mr. Mata’s lawyers objected, submitting a 10-page brief that cited more than half a dozen relevant court decisions, including Martinez v. Delta Air Lines, Zicherman v. Korean Air Lines and Varghese v. China Southern Airlines.

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