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Sensei Article Featured on VBA Website

April 21, 2022

“What’s White-Hot in Cybersecurity Today?” by Sensei’s Sharon Nelson and John Simek was recently featured on The Virginia Bar Association’s Website.


Because we had only 10-15 minutes to cover this topic for the VBA Practice Management Advisor Live Chat in March 2022, we picked the things we are hearing about most.

The most frequently asked question we get these days is “What are you seeing in light of Russia’s attack on Ukraine?” There was considerable worry when the attack began on February 24, 2022.

The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) immediately made it clear that all U.S. organizations should have their “Shields Up” considering possible threats. CISA is our favorite “go-to cybersecurity resource” for lawyers and its “Shields Up” website is chock-full of useful information that is straightforward and written to be understood by the general public – which most government cybersecurity resources are not.

And unlike cybersecurity vendors, the information is public – you don’t need to give them your name, email and telephone number. Often the “white papers” and other offerings from the cybersecurity vendors are not terribly useful, except they now have your contact information so they can pester you by phone and email.

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