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Sensei Featured in Attorney at Works’s Top 20 Articles of the Year

December 20, 2021

Attorney at Work featured Sensei article “Shadow IT: A Serious Threat to Law Firms” by Sharon Nelson and John Simek.  Also featured on the list was the article “Productivity Apps and Hacks for Smoother 2021 -Sharon Nelson and John Simek: Get the Networking Speed you Need”. The most-read articles on personal technology how-tos, law firm management, productivity and profits and lawyer wellbeing by Joan Feldman.

Counting Down the Top 20 of 2021

When 2020 finally ended, we searched for a word to encapsulate the year. “Unprecedented” and “Pandemic” topped the list at dictionary sites, beating out personal favorite “hellscape,” and those themes dominated Attorney at Work’s content.

For 2021, “vax” and “vaccine” have achieved word-of-the-year status at The Guardian and Mirriam-Webster, respectively. As Mirriam-Webster says, “For many, the word symbolized a possible return to the lives we led before the pandemic.” Emphasis on the word “possible,” as we spent the year in a strange, slightly unfocused limbo, doing our best to improve our personal workspaces and daily efficiency habits while waiting for definitive announcements on hybrid work and WFH policies — and vaccination requirements. “Vaccine” was also selected word of the year because it has been at the center of debates about personal choice, political affiliation, professional regulations … and so much more.

For the business word of the year, Grammarly put forward the following somewhat cringy but apt contenders: “Rethrival,” “communigreat,” “stratiskilled,” “flexpert,” “fur bomb,” “greenhousing,” “jammagabbing,” “blursday (what day is it?)” “spark-tacular,” and “me-ssential,” a word that encapsulates the movement to prioritize self-care and wellness in the workplace.

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