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Sensei Officers Featured In Attorney at Work

July 15, 2021

Tech tips from Sensei’s Sharon Nelson and John Simek were featured in recent Attorney At Work article “Lawyer Tech Tips: Ways to (Really) Get Away This Summer” by Joan Feldman and Joy White.

Whether you travel near or far, physically or virtually, here are some tips from our tech experts on getting away from it all.


Summer’s here and the country’s reopening around us. A time like this will inspire many lawyers and staff members to take a family road trip, spend time off at a nearby beach town, or hop a plane to a farther-away dream spot. But after a year of blurred lines, working nonstop from home, do we remember HOW to get away from it all?

We asked a few practice management and technology friends to provide some favorite tips, apps or other sage advice to help you use technology to safely get the most from your summer vacation. You’ll enjoy these fun ideas from Tom Lambotte, Sharon Nelson and John Simek, Juda Strawczynski, Reid Trautz and Courtney Troutman. Bon voyage!

Sharon Nelson and John Simek: Use Those Cord-Cutting Tools for Getting Away From It All

Technology itself gives you the tools to cut the cord from work and truly enjoy your vacation. How?

Your phone is your worst enemy because you can’t stop “checking in,” right? Put it on “Do Not Disturb” and let your cares fly away. Of course, to do that, you need to let any critical folks at work know that you intend to do it – and for the sake of those trying to reach you by email, make sure your “Away” message is on.

You also have the option to program DND exceptions to allow a specific caller:

Obviously, don’t look at the phone when “Do Not Disturb” is on. Those emails and notifications will show up if you do and your blood pressure will head north!

Put your phone in a hotel safe and go to the pool or dinner. You can’t check what you don’t have. No safe? Another way to enforce your relaxation is to give your phone to your spouse or other traveling companion with orders about when to return it. Don’t get mad when they obey your orders — play fair!

As for laptops, do what needs doing once or twice a day. Maybe before breakfast and dinner? And power them down in between. They sing silent siren songs to you if you can bring them to life in a flash.

Want some motivation? Brand this quote in your stubborn brain that insists on constant connectivity: “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”  — Anne Lamott, writer

Good advice but unplug for a few hours rather than a few minutes!

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