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Sensei’s Officers on The Florida Bar’s Legal Fuel Podcast

March 2, 2023

Sensei’s President Sharon Nelson and VP John Simek were recent guests on the February 27th, 2023 episode of The Florida Bar’s Legal Fuel Podcast. Sharon and John enjoyed sharing their Cybersecurity and Technology Advice for Small Firms.

Regardless of practice area, attorneys handle and store a volume of confidential information that can make them attractive targets for hackers. Small firms can be particularly at risk because they are less likely to employ fulltime IT staff. Cybersecurity can feel like an overwhelming topic, but there are actionable steps that a small firm can implement to build data protection and prevent security breaches.

In today’s episode, hosts Christine Bilbrey and Jamie Moore welcome technology experts, Sharon Nelson and John Simek, of Sensei Enterprises, Inc., to discuss cybersecurity dangers and legal technology software. Sensei Enterprises, Inc. is a nationally known digital forensics managed information technology provider, and managed cybersecurity firm in Fairfax, Virginia.

Listen to the podcast here