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Sharon Nelson and John Simek Quoted in Law.Com Article

April 20, 2023

A LAW.COM article titled “Proskauer Rose Data Breach Stemmed From Common Oversight Mistakes, Not Cloud Technology” by Isha Marathe, quotes Sharon Nelson and John Simek.


Sharon Nelson and John Simek, the president and vice president, respectively, of Sensei Enterprises, noted that the cloud providers are often the most skilled out of the three characters involved in this scenario- the firm, the third-party vendor and the cloud provider-as they’re equipped with a staff with high-level cybersecurity knowledge and departments that encourage their clients to take appropriate measures to prevent just such a breach.

However, given the booming demand for third-party vendors, it’s possible these companies are growing too fast, without proper guardrails.

Simek noted that “you’ve got all these folks that came from the managed IT world, from the information technology world,” who are now jumping into practice management or other sectors that deal with the cloud world. He added: “But the reality is they are just not that qualified. They are jumping in fast but they don’t understand cybersecurity, they don’t understand how to secure things.”

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