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Sharon Nelson Quoted in Virginia Business Magazine

May 9, 2023

An article entitled “Tech Support – Complexity, Ambiguity from Tech Innovations Spark Legal Opportunities”, published in the May 2023 issue of Virginia Business Magazine, features insights from Sensei’s Sharon Nelson.


‘No guardrails yet’

So far, AI laws passed in four states are focused on just studying the technology, says Sharon D. Nelson, a former president of the Virginia State Bar and president of Sensei Enterprises Inc. in Fairfax, which specializes in IT, cybersecurity and digital forensics services. 

This lack of coherent law will create more court cases, but that’s not necessarily a problem, says Washington and Lee Law Professor Joshua A.T. Fairfield, who specializes in technology law areas such as cryptocurrency and data privacy. “The basic assumption is that technology is faster than the law, but the law is a series of rules that we work out all the time,” he says. “The oldest cases sometimes can handle new areas. Congress often comes along after that process. We don’t have to wait for that.” 

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