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by John W. Simek, Vice President of Sensei Enterprises, Inc.

A New Name for Microsoft Azure Active Directory

July 12, 2023

Besides death and taxes, another constant in life is technology change. To further add to your confusion, Microsoft is yet again going through a marketing rebrand. Bleeping Computer reported information about Microsoft’s announcement to rename Azure Active Directory to Microsoft Entra ID. You may recall that Microsoft rebranded Office 365 to Microsoft 365. Same product, different name. Well, here we go again. Azure Active Directory is now Microsoft Entra ID. Same service, different name. For those that may not know, you can think of Azure AD as the center of Windows authentication. “Azure AD offers a range of security features, including single sign-on, multifactor authentication, and conditional access, with Microsoft saying it helps defend against 99.9 percent of cybersecurity attacks.”

Joy Chik, Microsoft President for Identity & Network Access, said “Capabilities and licensing plans, sign-in URLs and APIs remain unchanged, and all existing deployments, configurations and integrations will continue to work as before.” In other words, nothing is going to break as a result of the name change. IT admins will start to see references to Entra ID as they work within the Microsoft environment. Probably the biggest short-term impact will be changing references in PowerPoint slides.

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