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Android Users – Google Maps Settings to Preserve Battery

May 16, 2023

Trying to get to a destination? Forget about looking for that Rand McNally road atlas (even if you know what one is). Just bust open your smartphone and launch Google Maps. A major concern among map users is high battery consumption. TechViral has a post with ten ways to fix draining your battery while using Google Maps on an Android device.

  1. Restart your Android smartphone
  2. Turn off the Location Services
  3. Allow Location Access only while using the App
  4. Turn on Maps Dark Mode
  5. Disable Background data usage for Google Maps
  6. Enable Battery Saving Mode
  7. Reduce the screen refresh rate
  8. Update your Android smartphone
  9. Reinstall the Google Maps app
  10. Start using Maps alternatives or Offline Navigation apps

There are also privacy concerns while using Google Maps. How much data are you sending off to Google? As a minimum, I would suggest (#3) and only allow location access while you are actually using Google Maps and turning off Location History for your Google account.

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