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by John W. Simek, Vice President of Sensei Enterprises, Inc.

Another Password Manager Breach in the News

January 17, 2023

LastPass has been in the news in the last several months and not in a good way. I lost count of how many breaches LastPass has experienced over the last four years. No matter the number, LastPass users need to take some action and change their password manager. To help you narrow the field of password manager choices, take Norton LifeLock off your list. According to a Bleeping Computer post, Norton LifeLock warns that hackers have breached Password Manager accounts in credential stuffing attacks.

Norton LifeLock said, “Our own systems were not compromised. However, we strongly believe that an unauthorized third party knows and has utilized your username and password for your account. This username and password combination may potentially also be known to others.” Similar to the advice LastPass users received, Norton LifeLock users should change the vault master password and reset all your other passwords contained in the vault. While you’re at it, perhaps a change of password managers is warranted as well.

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