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by John W. Simek, Vice President of Sensei Enterprises, Inc.

Automatic Transcription for Word on the Web

August 26, 2020

Talk to your remote control and the channel changes on your TV. Now you can talk to your computer and get a free transcript in Word, but there are some limits. GeekWire has reported that Microsoft has introduced a free transcription service for Word on the Web for Microsoft 365 subscribers. Subscribers will get unlimited transcriptions of recordings at no extra cost and up to five hours of transcriptions for recordings that are uploaded separately.

The transcriptions will not be in real time as testing indicated that would be a distraction. Instead, it will take several minutes after the session is completed for the recording to be transcribed and delivered to the user. Subscribers will activate the transcription function under the Dictate icon. The transcript appears in a pane to the right and can be edited and pasted into the main Word document. There is currently no option to purchase additional minutes for uploading more than five hours of recording.

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