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Best Flash Drives for 2022

June 2, 2022

USB flash drives are the modern day replacement for floppies and optical discs. That’s a good thing since flash drives have a much larger capacity. How-To Geek has recommendations for the purchase of the best flash drives. The suggestions cover:

  • Best flash drive overall
  • Best budget flash drive
  • Best USB-C flash drive
  • Best high-capacity flash drive
  • Best rugged flash drive
  • Best flash drive for security

You can jump over to Amazon and get these drives for a very competitive price. Expect to pay less than $35 for the majority of the drives. The high-capacity drive will set you back around $150 for 1TB of storage. I would suggest having at least one secure flash drive to store confidential information. The Lexar LJDF35-128BNL is a good choice for around $40.

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