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Cheat Sheet Available for Word for Microsoft 365

July 14, 2022

Microsoft’s Word is one of the core products in the Office suite. Pretty much every user has used the word processing software for document creation and editing. Word has evolved quite a bit since the early days of Office. Today you can get Office as a perpetual license, which is a one time purchase with features locked in at the time of release. The more common (and popular) option is to purchase a subscription, which gets continuous updates and additional features as the clock moves forward. Are we really taking advantage of all the features available in Word for Microsoft 365?

Computerworld has a post to help you get the most out of Word. Most users have now accepted the Ribbon. Did you know that you can change how the Ribbon is displayed? You can select different Ribbon displays such as full-screen mode, show tabs only, always show ribbon or show quick access toolbar. Decisions, decisions. You can also collaborate in real time with others. You can even search Word for commands on how to do a task that you have never done or have forgotten how to do.

There is a lot you can do in Word. Jump over to the post and download some of the cheat sheets and instructions to make you more productive with Word.

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