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Clear Saved Passwords Stored in Firefox

March 18, 2021

We’ve told audiences all along not to save passwords in a browser. Use a separate password manager instead. Unfortunately, a lot of people have already stored their logon credentials in a browser and are reluctant to start all over with user IDs and passwords. If you are a Firefox user, How-to Geek has a post with instructions in how to export your passwords and delete the data.

Basically, you start by clicking the three-line menu in the upper right corner of the Firefox browser. Next select Logins and Passwords. Select Export Logins… and follow the prompts to acknowledge the export and any authentication prompt. Export the data as a CSV file in a location where you can find it. To clear the password data from Firefox, go back to the Logins and Passwords menu choice. Select the Remove All Logins menu choice and confirm the deletion. Now that you have your passwords in a CSV file, import the data into a password manager of your choice.

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