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by John W. Simek, Vice President of Sensei Enterprises, Inc.

Common Cloud Security Mistakes

September 10, 2020

Moving to the cloud? Make sure you pay attention to adequately securing the environment. The vast majority of cloud data breaches occur from misconfigurations done by customers and not by the cloud provider. In other words, it is the cloud customers that shoot themselves in the foot. CSO Online posted ten of the most common cloud security mistakes.

  1. Unsecured storage containers
  2. Lack of applications protection
  3. Trusting SMS MFA to secure an account – or having no MFA at all
  4. Not knowing your access rights
  5. Leaving ports open
  6. Not watching for remote access
  7. Not managing your secrets
  8. The curse of GitHub – trusting the supply chain
  9. No meaningful logs
  10. Not patching servers

There is some great information in the post. Besides identifying the most common mistakes, a solution(s) is provided for each one.

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