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by John W. Simek, Vice President of Sensei Enterprises, Inc.

Difficulty Finding a VPN with Truthful Claims

December 9, 2021

Reading the fine print is not something most users do. Fancy words and exciting claims are what keeps marketers employed. Apparently, it is the same environment when trying to select a VPN. Gizmodo has a post describing the results of a recent Consumer Reports review of the privacy and security policies of 16 prominent VPN providers. The report reveals that “VPN providers often exaggerate or make misleading claims about the effectiveness of their services—usually promising the moon and delivering far less.” Really? You can’t trust a marketing claim? The informed consumer needs to navigate through the BS and get to the real story. VPNs are intended to increase security and protect your privacy. Consumer Reports identified the top providers (in order of recommendation) and the “big” names aren’t there.

  1. Mullvad
  2. PIA
  3. IVPN
  4. Mozilla VPN

If you are in the market for a VPN or at least interested in protecting your privacy, you’ll want to check out the full Consumer Reports 48 page white paper titled Security and Privacy of VPNs Running on Windows 10.

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