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Disable Website Logins Using Google

December 21, 2022

We’ve all seen them. You access a website that requires a login and are presented with options for entering your credentials. Many websites allow you to use your Google credentials to access the site. The big question is…why would you want to do that? Sure, using your Google ID and password would be convenient and cuts down the number of credentials you need to keep track of. However, if someone gets access to your Google account, they are off to the races and can access all sorts of sites. To help you minimize the temptation, Lifehacker has a post with instructions to disable the Google Sign-In Pop-Up option.

The steps are pretty simple to follow. It would be even better if you could remove the Facebook option too. The recommendation is NOT to use Facebook, Google or any other shared login to access a site. Each website should have its own unique credentials. Another reason to use a password manager.


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