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Faster Ways to Charge Your iPhone

November 9, 2021

We haven’t visited an airport in almost two years. But when we did, it was a common occurrence to see travelers searching for electrical outlets and huddling around their chargers to juice up their mobile devices before boarding their flight. Many airlines now offer a way to charge your device in your seat, but that doesn’t stop the anxiety of having a low battery. If you are an iPhone user, BGR has a post to help you get the battery up to the highest level of charge in the least amount of time.

  • Get a fast charger
  • Stop using old iPhone chargers
  • Don’t use wireless charging
  • Be picky about your external charger

The advice is pretty interesting. You may have to get out a magnifying glass but read the fine print on the physical charger. As the post states, make sure your charger can output at least 20W and isn’t one of the older 5W models. Apparently, Apple iPhones don’t take advantage of a charger larger than 20W so don’t waste your money. Wireless charging isn’t ideal with an iPhone either, which probably isn’t very practical when compared to directly plugging a cable into your device. Bottom line…buy an Apple (not a competitor) 20W charger to transfer power as fast as possible.

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