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by John W. Simek, Vice President of Sensei Enterprises, Inc.

Free Microsoft Outlook for Mac Users

March 7, 2023

Mac users no longer need to have a Microsoft 365 subscription to use Outlook. Microsoft announced that Outlook is now free to use for all Mac users. “Mac users everywhere can easily add, Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo! or IMAP accounts in Outlook and experience the best mail and calendar app on macOS.” This means you can use a single email client to access multiple accounts in a single interface.

Microsoft redesigned Outlook to match the macOS interface. In addition, “The new Outlook is optimized for Apple Silicon, with snappy performance and faster sync speeds than previous versions.” Outlook PM Jeremy Perdu said, “With our new Handoff feature, you can pick up tasks where you left off between iOS and Mac devices, so you can get up and go without missing a beat.” In order to take advantage of the Handoff feature, users will need to use the same Apple ID to logon to each device.

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