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by John W. Simek, Vice President of Sensei Enterprises, Inc.

Generate QR Codes Using Chrome

October 27, 2021

QR codes are all over the place. You will find them on restaurant menus, magazine articles or any other place you want to give easy access to a website address. You’ll even find them on routers to give easy access to the router configuration settings. If you want to create QR codes for your own purposes, How‑To Geek has a post with instructions for generating them using Chrome. The process is really simple.

Visit a web address using the Chrome browser. To the far right of the address bar is a “box” icon with four little squares. Clicking the icon will automatically generate a QR code for the URL in the address bar. I’ve never been a fan of QR codes, primarily because you have absolutely no clue where the code will send you unless you do a little advanced decoding first. QR codes can send you to a malicious website with just a quick click of the camera. Even though it is a little more work, I would rather type in a URL instead of blindly trusting a QR code to be a safe destination.

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