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Google Announces Shopping Improvements Using Lens and AI

May 19, 2021

The Google I/O developer conference is used to make all sorts of Google announcements and set a direction for the future. This year is no exception. CNET has posted information about how Google will improve your shopping experience by using Google Lens and AI. The intent is to help you identify products from photos. As an example, you see a photo of someone with a pair of sneakers you absolutely have to get. As the post states:

“If you take a photo or screenshot of a product, Google Photos will suggest that you search for it using Lens — essentially letting you identify and shop for it right from the photo app. It’s about expanding its service from enabling you to search the world around you to letting you shop in it, wherever you might be.”

If you have never used Google Lens, check it out. It is frightenedly accurate. One of our dogs “attacked” a snake in the back yard, leaving it almost dead. Taking a picture of the snake and cranking it through Lens helped identify the species to see if it was a poisonous variety. Thankfully not. Have some weeds in your yard and want to know how to eradicate them? Use Google Lens to identify what weeds you have so you can find out how to treat them.

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