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by John W. Simek, Vice President of Sensei Enterprises, Inc.

Google Pushing Enhanced Safe Browsing

July 20, 2023

If you have a Gmail account, you may have noticed a message at the top of your Inbox suggesting a way to get a little more protection from phishing attacks. “Turn on Enhanced Safe Browsing to get additional protection against dangerous emails.” BGR has a post describing what Enhanced Safe Browsing is and whether or not you should use it. In order for Enhanced Safe Browsing to work, you need to authorize Google’s collection of the following information:

  • URLs
  • Downloads
  • Browser extensions
  • System information
  • Small sample of pages

Sorry, but Enhanced Safe Browsing should elevate your “privacy antenna.” It’s easy enough to enable and disable the Enhanced Safe Browsing feature. As if Google doesn’t collect enough information already. I would suggest using the DuckDuckGo browser instead and moving away from Chrome.

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