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Historically Worst Windows Versions

April 6, 2021

post on How-To Geek ranks the six worst versions of Windows. There was no hard empirical data to support the ranks, but you’ve probably wanted to upgrade to a different version if you’ve ever used one on the list.

“In developing this list, we considered the following metrics: How much people hated each version (appearances on other worst-of lists), how poorly it sold, how slowly it was adopted, how bad its reviews were, the length of its lifespan on the market, and our own personal experiences with the software. For fun, we also googled “Windows [x] Sucks,” and tallied up the results.”

In reverse order the list is:

  1. Windows 1.01 (1985)
  2. Windows XP (Initial Release, 2001)
  3. Windows RT (2012)
  4. Windows 8 (2012)
  5. Windows Vista (2006)
  6. Windows Millennium Edition (2000)

I started using Windows with version 1.03 so I can’t speak to #6. Windows 1.03 was actually pretty good considering the limited amount of RAM supported and limited colors available with the graphics cards in the day. I would replace #6 with Windows 2.x, which came in two versions. If you are an old time Windows user, you will remember the name change to Windows 286 and Windows 386. Unless you are a fairly recent Windows user, I’m confident we can all agree that the Millennium Edition deserves the #1 spot.

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