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by John W. Simek, Vice President of Sensei Enterprises, Inc.

How to Move Messages From One Phone to Another

July 9, 2020

Every so often, we replace our smartphones with a new model. It may take several days to reinstall all the apps and move data over to the new device. For us, it is a good time to clean up apps we don't use or data we don't need. Transferring messages from one device to the other is a task most users fixate on. How you move those messages varies based on the device being retired and the new device being brought into service. Gizmodo posted suggestions on how to deal with the transfer of messages for the most popular devices.

Moving data from one iPhone to a new one is pretty easy. iCloud synchronizes data between all the devices associated with your Apple ID. Android devices can be a little more difficult depending on the manufacturer. Pixel phones come with a transfer utility and Samsung Galaxy phones has similar transfer software. The challenge is moving data from Android to iOS or iOS to Android. Gizmodo suggests using iSMS2droid to move messages from iPhones to Android phones. Going from Android to IPhones is more difficult. Perhaps it is best to just forget about transferring messages and start with a clean slate.

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