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How to Share Your Wi-Fi Password with Any Device

December 21, 2021

There may be times when you want to share the Wi-Fi network password with a friend, family member or your friendly cybercriminal. Well, perhaps not the cybercriminal. Hopefully you have already changed the default password for your Wi-Fi network to one that has some length and isn’t a dictionary word. If so, it can be a real pain to write down the password and take a chance that it is fat fingered when being entered into the configuration. There are easier ways to share a Wi-Fi password.

Gizmodo has a post with instructions on how to share a Wi-Fi password with any device. If you have an Android device, it is pretty easy to share the password with others even if they don’t use Android. Apple users have a lot more restrictions with iOS devices. As the post states, “They must be using an Apple device, you must have each other’s email addresses in your respective contacts lists, you must be signed into iCloud with your Apple ID, and both devices must have Bluetooth and wifi enabled.” There are also instructions for Windows and macOS users. Frankly, the restrictions with sharing from iOS are a real pain. Despite what Apple thinks, not everyone uses (or wants to use) an iPhone and a more open method to share the Wi-Fi password would certainly be appreciated.

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