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Internet Connected Weber Grills

February 10, 2021

IoT (Internet of Things) devices are everywhere. Believe it or not, there are even IoT sex toys or, so I am told. I was very intrigued by a recent post on The Verge discussing the latest Weber grills having Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and digital displays. Connecting your grill to the internet means you can use an app to monitor and control all sorts of things. Weber already has the Weber Connect app for its SmokeFile Pellet smoker, but will extend functions to the gas grill line. I already have a third party wireless temperature probe system, but Weber will now provide the same function in its IoT grills. As the post states, “Perhaps most usefully, the propane models of the smart grills can monitor how much gas is left in the tank and notify you through the app when it’s getting low.”

I love our Weber grill, which I liken it to a Hewlett Packard printer. The devices are so well made and last FOREVER. Having a long life makes it so hard to justify an upgrade since I already paid over $1,000 for the grill 15+ years ago. I guess I’m stuck with a “dumb” grill that doesn’t tell Weber when I turn it on or how long it operates. I’m OK with that and will keep my grilling habits private.

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