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by John W. Simek, Vice President of Sensei Enterprises, Inc.

LastPass Jettisons LogMeIn Anchor

December 15, 2021

For those that don’t know, LastPass is an extremely popular password manager. It is now about to get a life of its own. Engadet reported that LastPass will break away from parent company LogMeIn. LogMeIn purchased LastPass in 2015 for $125 million. LastPass will now spin off as an independent company. The reported intent is to provide an environment where LastPass can be more responsive to customers. As LogMeIn CEO and President Bill Wagner stated:

“As customers, you’ll start to see us deliver an enhanced LastPass, on an accelerated timeline. We are working on faster, seamless save and fill, a delightful mobile experience, and even more third-party integrations for businesses, among many other updates. We are expanding our support channels so we can answer your questions faster, right when you need them, and you’ll be welcomed by a new look and feel on our website. We are investing directly in areas that customers like you have told us are most important.”

The message is that there will be a faster rollout of features. There are no details as to what those features may be, but we do know that there will be no reduction in cost.

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