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Manage Apple iCloud Passwords in Windows

August 18, 2021

Good news for Windows users that want to sync their iCloud passwords. The Verge reports that Apple now has a dedicated iCloud Passwords app. The app is included with the iCloud for Windows 12.5 update and gives users the ability to search through their saved passwords, update passwords, add new passwords and delete unwanted login information. There is much information explained in the Apple documentation about managing iCloud passwords. Basically, you can now use Windows to manage your passwords across Apple devices.

The real question is…should you? I see this as being similar to saving passwords in a browser. It’s not quite the same, but I would much rather use a password manager where the specific job of the application is to manage passwords. There are many cross-platform password managers that will synchronize your passwords, credit card info, passport data, or any other piece of information, between all of your devices. You should still upgrade to iCloud for Windows 12.5, but I would leave password synchronization to the password managers.

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