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Microsoft Changing How to Print a Screen in Windows

April 13, 2023

We’ve seen a lot of changes in how things work (or have worked) since the release of Windows 11. According to a report by Ars Technica, the process to capture a screenshot in Windows is going to be a little different. For decades, pushing the PrtScn (or something similar) key captured the contents to the clipboard. You could then paste the clipboard contents to some other application such as Word.

Just to keep you on your toes, Microsoft will be changing the default action of pressing PrtScn to launch the Snipping Tool instead of dumping the screen to the clipboard. If you are already a Windows 11 user, you can change the setting prior to Microsoft rolling out the official release. Just go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Keyboard. If you don’t like using the Snipping Tool as a default PrtScn action, just turn it off by following the previously stated path.

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